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Orion Beat

What does it mean when a business closes? In the case of Little Monsters, it means more than merely the loss of another retail opportunity. It isn't even just the loss of another toy store, a convenience easily supplanted by a quick trip to the mall....more >>

My Way

Don't bring a walkie-talkie to a gun fight

I have to sincerely applaud the Oxford Board of Education for making the prudent decision last week to arm their private security personnel. For the record, I still believe having officers employed by the Oakland County Sheriff's Dept....more >>


Goodrich's Wheelock-Watkins drain

I have been reading for a long time about Goodrich's Wheelock-Watkins Drain and its flooding. This was an agricultural drain built 115 years ago and was not intended to handle what it is right now....more >>
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Don't Rush Me

You Are The Boat

One woman's quest to help others through words

Oh -- I don't know, a little over a year ago I think -- Pam Belding (or as I like to call her, Red) started sending me the ever-evolving manuscript she was writing. I hoped she did it so I could edit....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Lack of interesting businesses is why downtown fails, not 'our scary sidewalks'

About the "revamping" the streetscape of Oxford . . . all these people think their businesses are suffering because people are "terrified" of walking downtown in Oxford? Seriously? I've lived here just about my entire 44 yrs and have never once been terrified to walk downtown....more >>

Praise for Oxford Leader staff's stories

Just wanted to tell Trevor Keiser that was a good article (on the Oxford Virtual Academy leasing a second building). I liked the question/answer aspect of the writing. Trisha Donaldson Oxford Good article, C....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Reader says it's time for citizens to stand up to 'shady dealings' in village

Re: Jan. 23 article Village, officials respond to Paad's lawsuit I know that for years there have been shady dealings happening within Oxford. We have yet to see citizens stand up to this....more >>

Guest Column--Unity Day

By Olivia Shumaker On the morning of Jan. 21, I expected to spend my day off from Lake Orion High School within the happy little world of my books. The fact that it was inauguration day was inconsequential—I had not displayed interest in any of the previous inaugurations in my lifetime, and did not expect this one to be different....more >>

Don't Rush Me

Neato, nifty Rush turned fifty

Lo these many years I've heard that when dudes hit the half century mark, weird crap starts happening. Don't know if it's physical, emotional, mental or spiritual -- but I've heard these rumors for as long as I care to remember....more >>

Jim's Jottings

Wanting to go to work vs. having to

It is so much easier on a person when they do something they want to do versus being told they have to. Attitudes are more refreshing, smiles come quicker, life itself is more pleasant and complaints fewer....more >>


Goodrich's Wheelock-Watkins drain

Dear Editor, I have been reading for a long time about Goodrich's Wheelock-Watkins Drain and its flooding. This was an agricultural drain built 115 years ago and was not intended to handle what it is right now....more >>

Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Winter cravings

I blame winter. I blame Mother Nature's fickled moods the last few weeks. Though now I have said it and it is in print, she will bring down her wrath. I am blaming winter for my occasional cravings as I continue being a good girl and keeping fats and sugars away as I am now down 70 pounds....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for community support of Rotary

Dear Editor, The Strolling Retro Cocktail Party hosted by 16 of the downtown merchants last Saturday was really what everyone needed to forget their mid-winter blahs. Nice to be able to wander into stores you might not seek out on a regular basis....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Constitution needs to adapt to times, reader says

Dear Editor, If you are going to drive a motor vehicle in Michigan and most states, you must qualify the motor vehicle and qualify the driver before the driver can take on the open roads....more >>
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