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It's All About the Kids:a column by Dr. Janet McPeek

Connecting with your kids

When was the last time you sat with your child and watched his or her favorite television show together? Or knelt on the floor to play blocks with your toddler? Or attended a concert with your teen? Showing interest in your kid's interests is a great way to generate stimulating conversation and connect with your child....more >>


Goodrich's Wheelock-Watkins drain

I have been reading for a long time about Goodrich's Wheelock-Watkins Drain and its flooding. This was an agricultural drain built 115 years ago and was not intended to handle what it is right now....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Final exams should be mandatory, period

It is with complete dismay that I read your article regarding attendance, grades and being excused from finals. I am an OHS grad from 1984 and have three sons in the school system....more >>

Letter to the Editor: No facts about 'the alleged Michigan recovery'

State Representative Brad Jacobsen again shared his same tired optimism about the alleged Michigan recovery in his column last week. Once again it is high on brag and void of facts....more >>

Letter to the Editor: Critical of township's new vehicle choice

With regard to the township's decision to purchase a new vehicle Geez, a 2013 4x4 Grand Cherokee Laredo! The Laredo has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $29,695 and its fuel economy is 16 miles per gallon in the city and 23 gallons per mile on the highway....more >>

Don't Rush Me

The power of the printed word

From the purveyor of locally written and or provocative literature

Hmm? What's going on? Well, I have been remiss in my duties as a purveyor of locally written and or provocative literature. You didn't know that was one of my duties? Well, it is -- even if it's a little known facet of my life as town's Newspaper Guy....more >>

Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

No PEG for me

The issue of Clarkston-area public access TV continues. Independence Township and Clarkston school officials are working to create a combined community cable operation, based out of the high school....more >>

Letter to the Editor

A call to respect neighbors when open burning

Dear Editor, I'd like to respond to the concerns about the burn policy ("Residents hot over burn bans," Feb. 13). I am affected by it as one of the individuals with a health concern is a neighbor....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Renewed hunting too risky for wolves, reader says

Dear Editor, In the article "Resident wants to ban wolf hunting," Feb. 13, Mr. Ed Golder of the Department of Natural Resources said, "managing wildlife through a ballot referendum we don't think is a good idea....more >>

Letter to the Editor

Herbicides for phragmites safe in small amounts,

Dear Editor, In response to the column "Beware unintended consequences," Feb. 13, which asks "because we want to save our native plants, should we spray phragmites with chemicals that will run onto the soil and into our groundwater," we urge citizens and governments of Oakland County to preserve our wetlands and natural areas by controlling invasive plants....more >>

Supervisor's viewpoint

Measure, then manage it

I learned something a long time ago from my experiences as an automotive executive "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it." Detailed job descriptions, measureable goals and objectives, quarterly performance reviews, training and job coaching, and compensation based on merit --not just tenure -- are all pretty basic principles in the private business sector....more >>

Stock continue to climb after fiscal cliff deal

The three major stock indices finished up for 2012 and continued to climb in the New Year as Congress passed a last-minute plan to avoid most of the so-called "fiscal cliff." The Congressional Budget Office estimates these measures will add $4 trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years, while raising $620 billion in revenue through a series of tax increases on wealthier Americans....more >>
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Born October 7th
1907: Helen MacInnes, writer.
1931: Desmond Tutu, South African religious leader.
1934: Leroi Jones (Imamu Amiri Baraka), playwright.
1935: Thomas Keneally, novelist, author of Schindler's Ark, the basis for the film Schindler's List.
1955: Yo Yo Ma, cellist.
October 7th
in history
1870: French Minister of the Interior Leon Gambetta escapes besieged Paris by balloon, reaching the French provisional government in Tours.
1913: In attempting to find ways to lower the cost of the automobile and make it more affordable to ordinary Americans, Henry Ford took note of the work of efficiency experts like Frederick Taylor, the father of scientific management. The result was the assembly line that reduced the time it took to manufacture a car, from 12 hours to 93 minutes. Visiting the Past: Automotive History.
1949: Iva Toguri D'Aquino, better known as Tokyo Rose, is sentenced to 10 years in prison for treason. American-Born Axis Sally.
1957: A fire in the Windscale plutonium production reactor (later called Sellafield) north of Liverpool, England, spreads radioactive iodine and polonium through the countryside and into the Irish Sea. Livestock in the immediate area were destroyed, along with 500,000 gallons of milk. At least 30, and possibly as many as 1,000, cancer deaths were subsequently linked to the accident.
1985: Four Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) hijackers seize the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro and demand the release of 50 Palestinians held by Israel.