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New way to go to class

It was a usual Friday morning for freshmen in Jeff Peariso's Statistics class. They were working on the task assigned to them. But what was usual for them was unusual for anyone peeking into the classroom....more >>
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Let's hear it for the band!

The Oxford High School Wildcat Marching Band performed for the last time this season during the Band-O-Rama event held Nov....more >>
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Leonard students plant a tree

Leonard Elementary fourth and fifth graders took time away from their books last Tuesday to do the environment a little bit of good. On Nov. 1, students walked over to the Polly Ann Trailhead in Leonard and helped Leonard Village Manager Mike McDonald plant a Flowering Dogwood tree as part of the 2011 Go Green Youth Challenge....more >>
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OES goes on parade

Oxford Elementary School got into the halloween spirit during their annual parade on Monday, Oct. 31. Creative costume of the day goes to OES student Ben Fracker, dressed as the washing machine....more >>
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Born October 4th
1895: Buster (Joseph F.) Keaton, star of silent film comedies including Sherlock, Jr. and The General.
1919: Rene Marques, Puerto Rican playwright and short story writer.
1923: Charlton Heston, American film actor.
1928: Alvin Toffler, writer and futurist.
1941: Anne Rice, novelist.
October 4th
in history
1861: The Union ship USS South Carolina captures two Confederate blockade runners outside of New Orleans, La. Father John B. Tabb, an unreconstructed Rebel to the end, served the Confederacy aboard blockade runners.
1874: Kiowa leader Satanta, known as the Orator of the Plains, surrenders in Darlington, Texas. He is later sent to the state penitentiary, where he commits suicide October 11, 1878. The life of Satanta.
1905: Orville Wright pilots the first flight longer than 30 minutes. The flight lasted 33 minutes, 17 seconds and covered 21 miles. The Virginia Air and Space Center is home to the Great Aerodrome, which almost beat the Wrights into the air.
1914: The first German Zeppelin raids London. The J.V. Martin Kitten failed at intercepting Zeppelins.
1957: Sputnik 1, the first man-made satellite, is launched, beginning the space race. The satellite, built by Valentin Glushko, weighed 184 pounds and was launched by a converted Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). Sputnik orbited the earth every 96 minutes at a maximum height of 584 miles. In 1958, it reentered the earth's atmosphere and burned up. Just nine months after President John F. Kennedy called for the U.S. to put a man on the moon before 1970, Mercury astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth.