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School News

Auto students shine in OHS brake contest

Oxford Community Schools is constantly publicizing its emphasis on the three A's academics, arts and athletics. But there's one 'A' that's overlooked in that mantra Auto. Tuesday was a day for Oxford High School's auto students to shine as 24 of them took part in the annual brake competition....more >>
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School News

You know when I was a lad . . .

Michigan State Rep. Brad Jacobsen (R-Oxford) stopped by Lakeville Elementary School last week to visit with students. Jacobsen discussed the various aspects of his job in Lansing, then read a few books to students as part of March is Reading Month....more >>
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Eagles add to nature

Andersonville Elementary students held the acorns in their hands and after one final look placed them into the dirt on their sides, March 7. Kelly Willard's fourth class carried their trays with dirt and soon-to-be-growing red oak trees back into the classroom to write down their observations....more >>
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Born October 25th
1889: Abel Gance, film director (Napoleon).
1902: Henry Steele Commager, American historian who wrote the fifty-five volume Rise of the American Nation.
1914: John Berryman, poet.
1941: Anne Tyler, novelist (The Accidental Tourist, Ladder of Years).
1971: Midori Goto, violinist.
October 25th
in history
1916: German pilot Rudolf von Eschwege shoots down his first enemy plane, a Nieuport 12 of the Royal Naval Air Service over Bulgaria. Eagle of the Aegean Sea
1923: The Teapot Dome scandal comes to public attention as Senator Thomas J. Walsh of Montana, subcommittee chairman, reveals the findings of the past 18 months of investigation. His case will result in the conviction of Harry F. Sinclair of Mammoth Oil, and later Secretary of the Interior Albert B. Fall, the first cabinet member in American history to go to jail. The scandal, named for the Teapot Dome oil reserves in Wyoming, involved Fall secretly leasing naval oil reserve lands to private companies.
1940: German troops capture Kharkov and launch a new drive toward Moscow. Germany's lost victory at Kursk.
1944: The Japanese are defeated in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the world's largest sea engagement. From this point on, the depleted Japanese Navy increasingly resorts to the suicidal attacks of Kamikaze fighters. On patrol north of the Philippine island of Luzon, USS Batfish destroyed three Japanese submarines in four nights.
1950: Chinese Communist Forces launch their first-phase offensive across the Yalu River into North Korea. A year after leaving West Point, Lt. Joe Kingston was en route to Korea, where he, like a lot of others, found himself retreating and advancing in a single day.