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Skilling not worried about education legislation

While many school officials are in an uproar about a current group of bills in the current "lame duck" session of the state Legislature and future bills that could affect the scope of public education in schools K-12, Oxford Superintendent Dr....more >>

New MayMester is student-driven

Instead of getting graded to read a novel, how would you like to watch a movie and analyze it? How about doing yoga as opposed to sweating in gym class or playing a video game you created instead of writing a paper? Oxford High School's freshman, sophomores and juniors will get their chance with this year's MayMester, which begins May 13....more >>
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DA kids learn what local govt. does

Second-graders from Daniel Axford Elementary toured local government facilities last week to learn what services they provide to residents. They visited the village police department, fire department, public library, parks and recreation, and Oxford Elementary....more >>
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Smiles of the Week

Christmas came early to Clear Lake and Daniel Axford as the elementary schools played host to fun holiday activities Saturday morning. Parents and kids got to eat a delicious family breakfast, visit with Santa Claus, shop for cool gifts and make eye-catching holiday decorations to adorn their homes....more >>
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Born October 10th
1900: Helen Hayes, American actress.
1901: Alberto Giacometti, sculptor and painter.
1920: Thelonius Monk, jazz pianist and composer.
1924: James Clavell, novelist (Shogun, Noble House).
1930: Harold Pinter, British playwright (The Homecoming, Betrayal).
October 10th
in history
1877: Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer is buried at West Point in New York.Tom Custer Died Alongside Brother George.
1911: Revolution in China begins with a bomb explosion and the discovery of revolutionary headquarters in Hankow. The revolutionary movement spread rapidly through west and southern China, forcing the abdication of the last Ch'ing emperor, six-year-old Henry Pu-Yi. By October 26, the Chinese Republic will be proclaimed, and on December 4, Premier Yuan Shih-K'ai will sign a truce with rebel general Li Yuan-hung.
1911: The Panama Canal opens.
1933: At Rio de Janeiro, nations of the Western Hemisphere sign a non-aggression and conciliation treaty. President Roosevelt adopts a good neighbor policy toward Latin America and announces a policy of nonintervention in Latin American affairs at the December 7th International American Conference at Montevideo, Uruguay.
1941: Soviet troops halt the German advance on Moscow. Soviet raids over Berlin in 1941.