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Parent upset about 'double standard' with Academic Games

What's allowed for a few should be allowed for all at least that's how Oxford resident Jennifer Washington sees it. Washington called a Detroit television news station last week after finding out about a "double standard" in Oxford Elementary School's Academic Games....more >>
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'Whole-brain teaching' at Leonard

If you happen to step into the classrooms of first-grade teacher Jessica Peyerk and second-grade teacher Chelsea Schlak at Leonard Elementary,you might notice a lot more repetition and hand signals going on than other classrooms....more >>
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OES kids take Super-U Challenge

As a way of spreading the anti-bullying message, Oxford Elementary hosted an assembly known as the "Super-U Challenge." "Super-U Challenge is an interactive game show, kind of based around the format of some of the old Nickelodeon games shows, Double Dare and things like that, so it's really interactive and not just questions and answers," said game show host Chris Linn....more >>
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Born October 9th
1873: Charles Rudolph Walgreen, the father of the modern drugstore.
1879: Max von Laue, German physicist.
1899: Bruce Catton, U.S. historian and journalist, famous for his works on the Civil War.
1909: Jacques Tati, French actor and director.
1940: John Lennon, English musician, one of the Beatles.
October 9th
in history
1941: President Franklin D. Roosevelt requests congressional approval for arming U.S. merchant ships. As their escorts turned away, the ships of the doomed Allied convoy, PQ-17, followed orders and began to disperse in the Arctic waters.
1946: Eugene O'Neill's play The Iceman Cometh opens at the Martin Beck Theatre in New York.
1949: Harvard Law School begins admitting women. Women in the Workplace: Education.
1950: U.N. forces, led by the First Cavalry Division, cross the 38th parallel in South Korea and begin attacking northward towards the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. A year after leaving West Point, Lt. Joe Kingston was en route to Korea, where he, like a lot of others, found himself retreating and advancing in a single day.
1983: The president of South Korea, Doo Hwan Chun, with his cabinet and other top officials are scheduled to lay a wreath on a monument in Rangoon, Burma, when a bomb explodes. Hwan had not yet arrived so escaped injury, but 17 Koreans--including the deputy prime minister and two other cabinet members--and two Burmese are killed. North Korea is blamed.