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State mandates EpiPens in schools

Every public school in Michigan will be required starting this fall to supply two epinephrine auto-injectors for students who are believed to be in anaphylactic shock. Parents whose students have severe allergies have already supplied EpiPen injectors to their schools, so this law is a means to provide the students with unknown allergies with an immediate remedy....more >>
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Game show comes to Clear Lake classroom

"Are You Financially Smarter than a 5th Grader?" The answer is "no" for the parents of Jacqueline Wiscomb's fifth-graders. Wiscomb's fifth-grade students were part of a 12 week lesson plan, in which Oxford High School Seniors Maddy Barsanti and Samantha Medici taught the students about financial literacy as a part of the girl's DECA Project....more >>
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Born October 9th
1859: Alfred Dreyfus, French artillery officer who was falsely accused of giving French military secrets to foreign powers.
1873: Charles Rudolph Walgreen, the father of the modern drugstore.
1879: Max von Laue, German physicist.
1899: Bruce Catton, U.S. historian and journalist, famous for his works on the Civil War.
1909: Jacques Tati, French actor and director.
October 9th
in history
1825: The first Norwegian immigrants to America arrive on the sloop Restaurationen.
1863: Confederate cavalry raiders return to Chattanooga after attacking Union General William Rosecrans' supply and communication lines all around east Tennessee. Overconfident and overextended, the Union Army of the Cumberland advanced into the deep woods of northwest Georgia. Waiting Confederates did not intend for them to leave.
1888: The Washington Monument, designed by Robert Mills, opens to the public.
1914: Germans take Antwerp, Belgium, after 12-day siege. Nurse Edith Cavell harbored Allied soldiers.
1934: In Marseilles, a Macedonian revolutionary associated with Croat terrorists in Hungary assassinates King Alexander of Yugoslavia and French Foreign Minister Louis Barthou. The two had been on a tour of European capitals in quest of an alliance against Nazi Germany. The assassinations bring the threat of war between Yugoslavia and Hungary, but confrontation is prevented by the League of Nations.