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Letter to the Editor

I wish the Clarkston News would have more coverage about the plight of the area's middle class and working poor to better inform readers about the real condition of the national, state and local economies as the Michigan legislature appears to once again embark on an agenda hostile to the middle class. The nation's wealth continues to be increasingly concentrated among the very wealthiest while middle class incomes stagnate and decline. There appears to be little legislative interest in rectifying a tax system that rewards the wealthy with a plethora of tax breaks, deductions and loopholes while failing to have them taxed at progressive rates which reflect their growing in incomes and wealth. Meanwhile, the legislature purports to be interested in saving taxpayer money, it does this by imposing new taxes on already retired pensioners on fixed incomes, attacking the prevailing wages of skilled workers, and supporting increases in fuel and sales taxes which disproportionately and adversely affect the middle class. Legislators claim to be reluctant to make purported "job creators" pay their fair share. Never are the state's wealthiest looked to for more revenue via taxes they can afford to pay. Instead, the middle class stagnates among low wage jobs and sinking financial security. Of course, there is a need to educate and skill-equip workers, but not just so they can labor in what is fast becoming the futility of middle class life, with its legions of relatively low paid workers whose labors mostly benefit the wealthy while the legislature contemplates more ways to squeeze the already repressed middle class. Voters must make their voices heard, not just through voting, but also through decisions about how and where they spend their (diminishing) incomes.

Mike Fetzer
January 26, 2015

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Let us remember that the families ...

Let us remember that the families and siblings of those who made wrong choices on the AfterSchool App are not the ones who made the wrong choice. They are hurting and need our compassion and prayers, not our criticism, especially this time of year.

Lauri Hereford
December 11, 2014

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Letter to the Editor

I just received notice from the city of the village of Clarkston. They've voted down taking care of the sidewalks and want to charge $130 if they shovel your sidewalk and can fine a homeowner up to $500 if they do not shovel 2" of snow within 24 hours.

They also then attached an opinion form (a little late) asking the homeowners/tax payers of the city of the village of Clarkston what we think is important (including shoveling the sidewalks).

I work many hours, live alone, don't know my neighbors (one is an empty lot next to me and the other is someone that lives out of CVC). I also travel on business for weeks at a time, but know there are a lot of older folks as well. Does the CVC have any ideas for those that are not able to shovel the 2" of snow within 24 hours? Does anyone have any recommendations for us so that we are NOT slapped with fines and charges in addition to our taxes and assessments that we pay currently?

Any recommendations would be appreciated. Are there any local kids or folks that would be interested in doing this service for the folks that are affected by this decision? I'm sure we're all willing to pay for the help.

Ellyn Rogers
December 10, 2014

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I am disappointed in the attitude ...

I am disappointed in the attitude of the many Oxford residents not wanting gravel trucks on Burdick. The gravel pits are what built Oxford, and in my opinion, since they were here long before most of us, they should be able to continue to use the roads as they always have. Having grown up in the area my entire life, I personally am tired of people moving here because they find the area charming and then they want to change things. Do your research before you buy a home.

Maria Mageli
December 09, 2014

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A warrior's wish to be famous is granted with her heart

Great job Meg capturing this special event! Not only did Alayna have a great time, but all the guests and vendors had a time. Too often I and may others get too caught up in work and business and money and forget the true meaning of life. Alayna's parents are some of the strongest people I've ever met. It was an honor to be at the Make-A-Wish event for #WarriorPrincess

-Chris Lagona

Photo Booth Plus

Ann Arbor, MI

Chris Lagona
November 14, 2014

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Corporate profits are at record ...

Corporate profits are at record highs and the income gap between America's middle class and the nation's wealthy elite continues to widen at an alarming rate. The job market is growing with low wage jobs and increasing underemployment. Future retirement prospects for current generations are bleak, with inabilities to earn and save now increasingly common. Student debt is enormous. Recent election exit polls show that a majority of Americans, including Michiganders, are very concerned about a weak economy and dim economic prospects and little financial security for their families. Still, Rick Snyder and his state legislature and administration will continue to mouth family values as Michigan workers, pensioners and students struggle to pay the price for the state's wealthiest to get wealthier. Apparently, the middle class has faith in trickle down economic policies and continues to eagerly await being further trickled upon by state government...

Mike Fetzer
November 05, 2014

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Oxford voters, As we are all relieved ...

Oxford voters,

As we are all relieved we are seeing no more election ads, we need to realize how one election result will affect our town of Oxford.

We have voted down the millage for our state of the art library, which will cause hours being shortened,educational events being canceled, Sunday hours being cut,etc.

As a community, we should be ashamed that we do not put enough importance in this place we call Oxford Public Library.

What is important?

Susan Rizzo
November 05, 2014

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On behalf of the Oxford Downtown ...

On behalf of the Oxford Downtown Development Authority, I would like to convey a heartfelt thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers who helped make the Scarecrow Festival a huge success.

With help from numerous partners, our community enjoyed a day of family fun in Centennial Park. Whether through financial support, volunteering of time, or both, we recognize the important role you all played. We would like to thank Genisys Credit Union, the Levy Group of Companies, the Animal Clinic at Oxford Mills, Oxford Bank, and Enbridge Inc. for their sponsorship.

In addition to the DDA’s Promotions Committee and their families, many businesses and organizations played a large role in planning the event and volunteering their resources. We thank Merge Art Gallery and Studio, Idle Awhile Coffee, Achatz Handmade Pie Company, Oxford Farm and Garden, Scott Farms, The Goddard School, Oxford’s NHS students, and the Oxford Free Methodist Church for their assistance in filling Centennial Park on October 11th.

We also want to thank all businesses and organizations who participated, each in various ways. We were very pleased with the number of scarecrows that decorated the village throughout October, and the level of participation of downtown Trick-or-Treating. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Lastly, thank you to the four restaurants who participated in the Chili Cook-Off : Achatz Handmade Pie Company, The Oxford Tap, Sullivan's Public House, and 'wiches. The judging panel consisted of Bill Dunn, Bryan Cloutier, Bill Service, Elgin Nichols, and Teri Stiles. Congratulations to Sullivan's Public House for winning both the Panel Vote and the People's Choice Award.

Scarecrow contest winners are:

Paul's Barber Shop - Most Traditional Superhero

Oxford Free Methodist Church - Most Creative Superhero

American Heritage Girls - Best Use of Reused Materials

Once again, we thank you for all your efforts and support of this community event!

Ginny Schomisch

Oxford DDA

Ginny Schomisch
October 30, 2014

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Dear Editor, I am writing in ...

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to Mr. Craig Hamilton's letter regarding the upcoming elections for school board members. In his letter, Mr. Hamilton states that "student achievement is not a priority" in Clarkston Community Schools. As a parent and teacher in this district, I can assure our community that this is completely untrue. Mr. Hamilton wrote in his letter that the focus is on learning. This part is true. What he seems to be missing is the obvious connection between learning, understanding, and student achievement.

Dr. Rock is the most powerful leader I have worked for and his vision for thinking and learning is moving our district forward. We are constantly thinking about student achievement and how we can move our children toward their learning goals. We rely on more than just one standardized measurement to determine the success of our students and our instructional direction.

I am hopeful that our community will look long and hard at the candidates who are running for school board and elect those who are interested in supporting the district, trusting our administration to do the job they were hired to do, and stopping the current practice of micromanagement that we have seen lately.

Clarkston Community Schools is truly a great district because of the people who work with our children on a daily basis and the administration that continues to provide us with innovative vision that supports student thinking and learning, which leads to achievement.

On November 11, I will be voting for those candidates who support our administrative team and who will bring a spirit of cooperation and informed thinking to our school board.


Beth A. Rogers

5th Grade Teacher, Springfield Plains Elementary

Beth Rogers
October 25, 2014

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As a School Board trustee, Elizabeth ...

As a School Board trustee, Elizabeth Egan has proven herself to be strong and diligent in making the tough decisions necessary to allocate limited funds in the manner that will best benefit each student. Whether they are staff, students, family or community she is respectful of everyone's role in the educational process. I am especially appreciative of her ability to trust in and allow the administrative professionals the space to perform their tasks without micromanagement. Please join me in re-electing Elizabeth to our Clarkston School Board. She has definitely proven herself as an asset in setting high standards for Clarkston students. We need her to continue this journey for the benefit of our whole community.

Mickey Ginn
October 24, 2014

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