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When is enough enough? The hundreds ...

When is enough enough? The hundreds and hundreds of Pulte homes being constructed over the last year is destroying the natural landscape of our community and furthering the traffic nightmare along the Lapeer, Sliverbell and Squirrel roads corridors. The proposal to rezone the Bald Mountain Golf Course for yet another subdivision by the Orion Board is of great concern. That green space can never be gotten back if the rezoning occurs and do we as a community really need or want more homes, additional traffic, and further urbanization "Where living is a vacation"? Your voice on this issue is important. Let the board know where you stand on this issue by writing a brief email to Clerk Penny Shults (pshults@oriontownship.org), or calling Supervisor Chris Barnett (248-391-0304) or by making an appearance at the Board Meeting October 15th. If the rezoning occurs, the 237 acres of green space the golf course occupies will become 380+ residential homes and along with it, you will inherit the effects of further urbanization when the builder leaves.

Andy Bolin
September 19, 2014

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Dear Editor, We live in Orion ...

Dear Editor,

We live in Orion Township and have great concerns about the new proposed Rezoning of Bald Mountain Golf Course and proposed development of 387 single family homes by Pulte Corporation.

Add those 387 to the 251 homes already approved and currently in the process of being built by Pulte at Dutton and Squirrel (Stonegate West), the 150+ town homes and apartments being built at Silverbell and Bald Mountain (Heron Springs), the 190+ single family homes and duplex condos already approved and currently being built by Pulte at M24 and Scripps. This doesn't even include the 60 or so homes being built around Indianwood Golf Course by Pulte or the other projects recently built in Orion Township in just the last year or two....

The Traffic is getting out of control and soon to get much much worse on roads that are in no condition to handle it.

Are Lake Orion residents even aware of this proposed rezoning? I don't believe most are, but am sure they'd be interested if they knew that close to 250 acres of Recreational Zoned land is being proposed for a rezoning to a Planned Urban Development with 387 homes.

We keep hearing how it's inevitable that this land will be developed into residential. Why is it INEVITABLE that recreational land in Orion "Where Living is a Vacation" Township will be developed into residential? Why?

Ron Blackmore
September 15, 2014

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Dear Editor, Our family recently ...

Dear Editor,

Our family recently moved to Clarkston from a town of 10,000 on the West side of Michigan. My husband and I grew up in Clarkston and were excited to expose our children to the great place we grew up. My excitement has been diminished by the school system here.

I feel that the school system is not conducive to 2 working parents. First, we had no information about which elementary they would attend, their teachers or their bus routes until the last week. In the town we came from, all of this information has been distributed for over 1 month. It is very difficult to plan when no information is available. We tried calling both the administrative offices as well as the school. While the staff was pleasant, no information was available. Secondly, when we tried to register for Kids Connection, we were told there was a significant wait list. We really do not have options for child care on the few days per week that we need the service as we are new to the area. Thirdly, I am not sure the purpose that the late start days serve, but again this puts more burden on families in which both parents work. Additionally, our children's bus stop is 0.3 miles away from the house and I don't think that is an appropriate distance for elementary students to be expected to walk alone. Lastly, even the new family orientation and "meet the teacher" is in the middle of a work day.

Clearly, this is not the same Clarkston school system we grew up in and I am sadly disappointed in its lack of consideration for working parents.

Jennifer McAlister
August 24, 2014

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I have worked and lived in Goodrich ...

I have worked and lived in Goodrich for a long time. I understand this community and I am excited to support State Representative Joe Graves as he runs for re-election. I believe he has earned our trust by being so active in our community. In just the past few months he has presented a state tribute to the Atlas Township Clerk in honor of being selected Clerk of the Year, he attended the grand opening of the new restaurant in Porterís Orchard where he also presented a state tribute, and he sponsored a hole at the Goodrich Football Golf scramble. He has also knocked on hundreds of doors in our community, introducing himself and learning about the concerns of his constituents. In Lansing, Joe has represented us and has worked very hard to ensure economic recovery, proper support for public safety, and road & infrastructure improvement. I am proud to support Joe and I wish him the very best in his campaign. Keep up the good work Joe!

Doug McAbee
August 19, 2014

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I donít know what planet Mr. Bond ...

I donít know what planet Mr. Bond is from but it canít be planet Earth. 70% of those individuals who happen to populate the USA strongly agree with Jim Sherman, Sr. As far as to how history will treat Obama, it is my opinion he will go down as the worst president (not one of but the) this country has ever had to endure. However, History always depends on who writes it. And that comment about Obama capturing Bin Laden: I was under the impression that the Navy Seals shot Bin Laden. While it may have been on Obama watch so was the VA scandal, The IRS scandal and Benghazi just to name a few. Could it be that God just may be using Obama to punish this nation? Read the Old Testament, you may be surprise.

Bruce Marsee
August 15, 2014

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The Clarkston Independence District ...

The Clarkston Independence District Library Board would like to thank the City and Township residents who supported a community library dedicated to providing services to both book and technology users in the 21st Century. The collection of this funding will begin in December 2014 and will be used as the libraryís 2015 budget.

The Library Board and Staff will spend the next few months preparing to unveil expanded services in the new year. In addition to restoring hours, and increasing programs and materials, both physical and electronic, we look forward to expanding collaborations with the schools and promoting resources to help local businesses succeed. We have also been developing a Capital Improvement Plan to properly maintain the library building and grounds.

We encourage the residents of Clarkston and Independence Township to attend library board meetings and the library itself to be involved in these plans as they develop and unfold.

Marilyn Pomeroy, Board President, Clarkston Independence District Library
August 15, 2014

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arrowre: What has President Obama done for America?

Dear Mr. Sherman,

It would be nice if just occasionally you could write a column without giving in to your desperate need to criticize the president. Your recent diatribe was particularly annoying, filled with inaccuracies and outright lies.

For example: Your statements about Obama being "soft" on immigration. He has in fact deported more illegal immigrants than any other president in recent history, almost 2 million.

His military budget cuts have "endangered our country". In case you haven't heard we have pulled our military out of Iraq and will be out of Afghanistan in a few months. Seems like a perfect time to cut back on $5,000 hammers and $10,000 toilets.

Hopefully you can focus more on your humorous anecdotes and local history and less on attacking the president every week.

August 03, 2014

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arrowre: What has President Obama done for America?

Spoken like a true Republican, open mouth and closed mind. There was a reason George W. Bush was polled as the worst president since W.W. 11. Don't you remember?

Robert Stowers
July 30, 2014

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arrowre: Letter to the Editor

On this one, Fetzer is right! My sign is my speech, if you don't like it, don't look. If you agree, vote with me. Political entities are self aggrandizing power hungry animals gobbling up freedom faster than it is produced. (As most production is regulated by government)

More government, less freedom. That is truth. Say it is not and you are stupid or a liar.

Davy Crockett was right.

Rob Namowicz
July 30, 2014

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Dear Editor, I wanted to make ...

Dear Editor,

I wanted to make your readers aware of charity that is in need of some close scrutiny. My husband and I donated our used vehicle to Charity Motors with the intention of ultimately donating to our favorite charity DRAW. This was our first time in doing this and we had them pick up the vehicle on August of 2013.

I checked with DRAW in January of 2014 and they had not received a check so I contacted Charity Motors starting on 1/15/14. I had to call 7 times, day after day to finally get through to the person who handles the payouts. I left a message on each of these phone calls and never got a call back. On 1/27/14, when I finally spoke to LaRosha in the payout department she said our car had been sold in August and she gave the amount it sold for and what DRAW would be receiving. She also said she was behind and writing checks for cars sold in June. I commented that it seemed strange to be approx 7 months behind but she seemed fine with it and assured me that DRAW would receive their check shortly.

I spoke with the CEO of DRAW today (7/28/14) and as of now (approx 1 year later) no check has been received from Charity Motors. I called Charity Motors during business hours and left a voice mail and as of writing this letter have received no call back. I have also gone on to the Better Business Bureau website and entered a complaint.

My intentions in writing this letter to my local paper is that if you are interested in donating a vehicle in the name of your favorite charity you should be aware of Charity Motors sloppy business practices to say the least. We would highly recommend you consider donating through another group to benefit your charity.

Mark & Cheryl Kelly
July 29, 2014

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