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Letter to the editor
Farmersí Market: thanks again

November 25, 2009

Dear editor,

A great big thanks from the Lake Orion Farmers Market as we close the market for 2009. Thank you to our Lake Orion Downtown Authority for awarding us the recognition plaque at the 2nd annual volunteer recognition gathering at Valentino's last Thursday, Nov. 12.

What about next year? Thank you to the DDA board for approving the dates of the Farmers Market 2010. That's right! Pending the final permit approval, we hope to open the Lake Orion Farmers Market 2010 on May 5 with a special MOM'S flower and craft sale. After the Flower Fair, May 22 and 23, your farmer's market will be open with flowers, plants and seasonal veggies as they become available, and don't forget that bread, cheese, eggs, and all those goodies you've missed during the winter.

Don't miss one single Wednesday, starting at 2 p.m, at the Farmers Market, by Children's' Park, Meeks Park, the Orion Art Center, and beautiful paint creek.

We'd like to say thank you to the over 90 vendors, including the generosity of some of our wonderful local eateries; including Carl from CJ's for coffee and pasties, Time Square, Ming's, Guido's, Blue Ox, and Tami's super soup.

We thank the village, the township, and the DDA boards, and our own Lake Orion Farmers Market Committee, Crittenton Hospital, the Lake Orion Horseshoe Club, and Orion Art Center, and the Orion fire department for sharing the Wednesday space with over 15,000 visitors.

A special thank you to our DDA of Lake Orion, Nancy King, Janet Hartman, Lois Golden, and those with the inspired ideas that helped to begin the farmers' market process, Denise Demark, Cindy Czubko, the village DPW, Mr. Turner, and the generous crafters, bakers, and farmers who gave wonderful gifts of fresh Michigan produce to all of us. We must acknowledge our crew of dedicated volunteers Brenda Morehead, Linda Duddles, the Bissonnette-Miller family, Marty Schpinski, and all those who gave their time for this project.

Just wait and see the cooks, the crafts, the fun and events for 2010. Keep reading the wonderful Lake Orion Review for your updates. If you would like to be a vendor, volunteer, or want to try a Michigan product, we have a space just waiting for you. Call 248-693-7067 or keep visiting the web site: See you in the spring!!

Kathy & Michael Wieland,

Market Managers