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Thereís a sports team-depression connection

by Jim Sherman, Sr.

December 02, 2009

Thereís a sports team-depression connection

As you regular, or irregular, readers of this column know, Iím not the sharpest knife in the drawer, brightest bulb on your Christmas tree, nor does my mind see the obvious.

All of which give me reason not to realize the cause of many of Michiganís sport teams to tank this year.

Why have the Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, Wolverines, and yes, even the Michigan State Spartans, come up short of expectations in 2009?

Can there be bad karma, a link between what has happened in our Michigan this year and the recession cloud covering us?

I believe thatís possible. Usually we have one major league team that will give us hope, that will take our minds off the unemployment figures, proposed tax increases and rising prices.

Not this year. We are bombarded with news of auto layoffs, government takeovers, flops on Wall Street, inflation, H1N1 wiping out all of America and crumbling roads.

Real estate values are plummeting, banks are closing, prices keep going up, the continuing wars donít help our attitudes and our politicians are inept, incompetent or blind.

Seemingly, all we have going for us is Christmas. An expensive Christmas. Had to get that in. On the brighter side, the holiday can be so uplifting.

Just viewing the lights, seeing the school-agers doing their Christmas-thing on stages, hearing choirs sing the carols, watching the Christmas parades and gift-sharing family times, give us relief.

So for now, letís tune out Lansing and Washington, D.C.; discontinue reading screaming headlines, turn to the comics, have more comedy hour, call some old friends, and yes, remember what this season is about:

It is Christís birthday (thatís hope and encouragement at its best).

- - - 0 - - -

However, I canít leave you without at least a little sarcasm, and a little chain pulling. So, hereís my stimulus carol:

Here comes Obama,

Here comes Obama,

Right down Stimulus Lane.

Czars, Pelosi and Reid, pulling on the reins.

Bells are ringing, Dems singing,

They say all is merry and bright.

So, hang your head, ignore the noise

ĎCause the real Santa Clause comes tonight!

- - - 0 - - -

One of the uplifting things for me this season is a sculpture of an owl on an old stump, out my back door.

If you ever need a carving, youíve got to give Gary Elzerman a call. Heís the guy who drives around in a black pickup with the wording, Custom Carver, ďYou know, the guy on Baldwin RoadĒ painted on the doors.

What he does with a couple of chain saws is amazing. I think my sculpture has more feathers than the original. And, the eyes are sharp in this four-foot tall owl.

Iím so pleased with my owl, Iím giving your his cell phone number, 248-770-4938. Heís fast, leaves no mess and has a great personality.