Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the editor
Orion Township’s tax increase didn’t match decreased property value

December 16, 2009

Dear editor,

Recent review of the winter tax bill for Orion Township residents showed that our township board raised the rate per $1,000 for the general fund by more than 12 percent.

Since some of us received a significant decrease in their taxable values (I hope you did, because we did not) the board must have felt most taxpayers would not notice this increase.

The rate is now set at .93220, which is the highest it can be set at. Last year it was at .82000.

If all our taxable values had gone down 12 percent, this increase would have been easier to take. Ours went down less than 2 percent.

Hopefully the board will be more considerate in the future.

 -Conrad Calvano,

Orion Township