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Kudos, kiddos: Reader enjoys young writers
Letter to the editor

February 10, 2010

Dear editor,

I would like to commend two items that I have just read in today's (Feb.3, 2010) Lake Orion Review.

The reporting for reporting column by Leah Yanuszeski in which she shares having to wear a skirt to her interview despite the cold weather!

She then continues to tell of herself and her current activities and future plans in a very interesting and appealing way. And answers the question of "Why journalism?" and describes her plans for working at The Review.

Andrew Stanley gives some very persuasive arguments in his appeal: ' Band and choir should not be cut.

As a Waldon Middle School student he make a number of excellent points comparing the future of a career in music as opposed to a career in sports.

And I had not realized until Andrew pointed it out that one learns a lot of math and language arts by playing in a band.

I commend these two letters to Review readers who may have missed them. And as a former proofreader/copy editor I commend both writers on their fine use of the English language.

Margaret Kanost,

Orion Township