Source: Sherman Publications

A buncha birds and one stone

by Laura Colvin

August 25, 2010

Lifelong Lake Orion resident Michael Becker is making a return trip to the township board Aug. 30, 7 p.m., for a second go-round at securing a liquor license for his restaurant, Pizzariffic. Unconfirmed rumors suggest a big-money vendor might be out making friends in high places in hopes of hitting the last-liquor-license-jackpot. I dont know if its true or if its not I just know Michael Becker is hoping for your support, and asked me to tell you so. It was the least I could do for a hometown boy whos hanging on for dear life to the American Dream.

Two. One, two.

Thats how many Citizen of the Year nominations have landed on my desk since we started this campaign more than a month ago. Ahem!

Come on, Orion, Ive been around here less than a year and I can think of several individuals who use their time and talent to bend over backwards in their own way and make this community a better place to be (and some dont even bring their wallets into the mix).

Say I appreciate what you. Take a minute and nominate someone. The entry form is on page 16 this week. Fill it in and send it in. Email the information if its easier.

Our thoughts, prayers and good wishes go out to Rosemary Rangi and her loved ones during this incredibly difficult time.

Finally, heartfelt thanks to everyone who read my Grandma column last week. Thanks for letting me share her with you. And thanks, especially to those who took the time to send a note or offer a kind word.

Im walking around with a hole in my heart these days. Im gonna miss her for a long, long time.

Oops, almost forgot. LETS GO DRAGONS! Wildcat stew, anyone?