Source: Sherman Publications

Superintendent contract on hold

by Wendi Reardon

September 29, 2010

A $4,000 contract change was a deal breaker, Monday, for superintendent candidate Rod Rock.

Clarkston Board of Education voted 3-3 on the contract – a majority is required for passage.

“What I see is $4,000,” said Secretary Joan Patterson, noting the base salary increased from $140,000 to $144,000 by the time the final version was ready to be voted on.

“I thought we were generous with the salary the first time. With class sizes being large and schools giving up a lot last year - I do have an issue with this,” she continued.

“Every dollar counts,”said Treasurer Rosalie Lieblang, who requested more information as to why the $4,000 was moved from tax sheltered retirement to base salary.

“He (Rock) made a request and I said I would bring it to the board,” responded Board President Steve Hyer.

Trustees Cheryl McGinnis and Elizabeth Egan voted yes on the contarct, as did Hyer. Lieblang, Patterson and Vice President Sue Boatman voted no. Trustee Barry Bomier was absent from the meeting.

Hyer did not respond to requests for information on the the board’s next plan of action.