Source: Sherman Publications

A little longer to trick-or treat

October 20, 2010

Dear Editor,

Ortonville is a very cool community when it comes to Halloween. Many, many residents participate by decorating and lighting their homes for a ghoulish night “for kids” and the number of parents and kids trick-or-treating is amazing.

Let’s open up trick-or-treating for at least one and half hours. Sixty minutes puts parent and kids in one mode—Hurry!! Let’s slow things down a little bit and let the kids and parents enjoy the effort our community makes to decorate and celebrate Halloween. At the current time rules, 6:30-7:30 p.m., it isn’t even dark. Most of the very cool decorated homes depend on lighting for full ghoulish effects.

I suppose that all kinds of reasoning can be used to justify one hour, adding 30 minutes so everyone can slow down and enjoy in the darkness all the work this community puts into a cool night for the families.

Residents volunteer to give out treats to the kids, they can participate for 10 minutes or the entire duration, adding a half-hour will not have any negative effects on anyone, but will slow things down, let the residents “show off” their efforts in the dark and will result in more good times for everyone.

It’s once a year folks, let the families get out and enjoy the night!

Lance Gunn

Village resident