Source: Sherman Publications

Support another board candidate

October 20, 2010

Dear Editor,

Voters of Brandon School District, I am writing this letter to request that you support other candidates than myself in the upcoming election in November. After I filed my paperwork to run for office, I was hospitalized for two weeks and I do not feel that I am physically able to take on this position and give 100 percent of my time and energy to do the job as I feel it should be done. My hope is that you can elect a school board that will be willing and able to do the best job for the schools. The upcoming years are going to be difficult due to budget constraints and I hope those elected will work with each other to make Brandon the best it can be. I hope that they will all become accountable to work together to solve the issues facing schools today.

I thank all of the people who circulated and signed my petitions for the Brandon Board of Education as well as those who had offered to support my candidacy. Your support was greatly appreciated. I also thank those who have sent the many get well wishes during this time.

Thanks again,

Janet A. Kurnat