Source: Sherman Publications

Clarification of rainy day fund in Goodrich coffers, fund balance increase

October 27, 2010

Dear Editor,

(In response to, ‘Goodrich Council: Overspending by government has got to stop’!, Oct. 23, page 10):

Just a note to clarify the Village of Goodrich “rainy day fund.” The amount Patricia Wartella refers to for the 2004-2005 budget year as stated in the October 2005 treasurer’s report of $1.4 million is correct. The amount she refers to as the current “rainy day fund” of less than $300,000 is incorrect. The October 2010 treasurer’s report states the total of all accounts to be $904,500.16. Her reference to the current “rainy day fund” only accounts for the general fund, fund balance. Again, referring to her letter, she is correct in pointing out that the village has met their budget, but neglected to mention that “they” increased the general fund, fund balance, by over $50,000 for the second year in a row. This was done by cutting spending and watching where every penny went while maintaining the level of service that village residents deserve. “They” have passed another audit, and yes, “they” have completed projects here and there, i.e. the bike path, Hegel Road Bridge, the light at M-15 and Erie and resurfaced a portion of Hegel Road, and yes,“they” lowered taxes by 30 percent.

The council approved a rate study for the sewer fund and accepted the recommendations made by the consultant and for a five-year plan.

Jakki Sidge, Goodrich