Source: Sherman Publications

Donít bribe kids to sell a sweet reminder of a childhood experience

November 03, 2010

Dear Editor,

Halloween was a magical night in our neighborhood when I was a kid. A night we could run in the dark, dress outrageously, scream and yell silly things at our neighbors and, incredibly get a treat!

We would plot for weeks, planning our itinerary as precisely as a polar expedition. Our goal was to cover the most lucrative territory in the least time. At the first gloaming, we would rush out clutching an old pillowcase or a paper grocery bag, the edges soon soggy with sweat from our hands.

No matter what the weather, we stayed out until the last porch light was extinguished, the last Bazooka bubble gum and Dum Dum sucker were in our bags, tiredly clutching our treasure. And treasure it was, the only time in our young lives we harvested food for ourselves.

Nothing can compare to the breathless delight of that enchanting single night when we were reminded that we were a community, that on one night of the year we could safely approach any door and be rewarded with a sweet treat.

Yesterday I heard on the radio that dentists were buying back kidsí Halloween candy to help prevent cavities. The Citizen announced a local dentist was participating.

Some of the goodies are to go to local food banks, some will be sent to our soldiers overseas. Very worthy causes. Perhaps a better idea could be for the kids to collect with that intention, rather than surrender their candy.

Tell the kids to brush extra hard, get their fluoride treatments, but donít bribe them to sell a sweet reminder of a childhood experience we have to give up all too soon.

Bonnie Beltramo