Source: Sherman Publications

Indecent exposure article disturbing

December 08, 2010

(In response to, ‘Grand Blanc youth pastor busted for indecent exposure in Brandon,’ The Citizen, Nov. 27, page 2):

Dear Editor,

I was quite disturbed after reading the story in The Citizen regarding the Grand Blanc youth pastor. This man’s actions are unforgivable and should be punished with the maximum penalty, especially considering his position of trust as a youth pastor, the vulnerability of his victims, and the likely life-scarring effects of his abuse. I believe that we will not stop these acts until we establish far more stringent punishments for those guilty of sex crimes against young children, including capital punishment

I was also disturbed by the graphic language in the article. There’s no need to reveal these prurient details in a family newspaper. When a similar situation occurs in the future, as unfortunately we know it will, I hope that your newspaper will reconsider your decision to print these details.

Don Hillstrom