Source: Sherman Publications

Never dream of a fake Christmas tree

December 15, 2010

Dear Editor,

(In response to ‘Talk on the Streets,’ The Citizen, Dec. 4, page 6):

‘He looked up at the tree. It was a giant tree, a galleon with its sails in full rig, an art museum with its entire collection on display, a mosque with a thousand worshippers praising God. He gazed at it for several minutes. A tree had never before been so soothing to him. As he admired it, he could feel the anger and distress draining from him.’

From: Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel

With apologies to my fellow ‘tree huggers’ I wouldn’t dream of putting up a fake tree. Look upon a real tree as produce grown and harvested by a person in the states, perhaps very locally, and not manufactured in China. While it is growing it produces oxygen and honors the grower by providing a viable, sustainable business. As long as the tree is composted and/or left to give refuge to wildlife, there should be no guilt in utilizing its gift to mankind as a Christmas beacon.

Elaine Glowniak