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Politics, deceit vs. truth, justice

December 22, 2010

To the editor:

(In response to ‘Sign of the times? Lack of signature on oath challenged,’ The Citizen, Dec. 18, page 1):

I am trying to understand just how the village operates. I have more questions than answers.

It appears there were some games played with the McAbee “oath card.”

Did Dave Lucik just decide to check the oath card on his own or was he tipped off by staff who are supposed to serve with loyalty at the pleasure of the new council?

The keys words in the last Citizen article were “the rumor was.”

Also, why did it take so long for the village staff to notify the new council that the first meeting was invalid due to lack of certification ? How many years have we been having elections?

Can you have a viable village government with all the backstabbing and in-fighting that goes on ?

Who can explain the arcane accounting methods used on the village books? I’ve looked at the Lewis & Knoff audit document and it seems to be internally inconsistent.

How could the village residents be indebted for a $1.4 million bond issue for a new hall without a vote of the residents who have to pay for it ?

I’m told it was only announced in the County Line Reminder. Why only this one obscure paper? Is it even published any longer?

How can the DPW garage door that was damaged by vandals, according to Morey, only have been damaged from the inside?

I’m sure it was quickly repaired. The citizens of Goodrich deserve better and have legally voted in two new council members who deserve a chance to get the village finances on solid ground.

The CBS show “60 minutes” last Sunday had a piece by Meredith Whitney, a respected Wall Street analyst, who said the coming crisis in state and local funding will have a devastating impact on our country.This is true for almost all states, not just Michigan. Bond issues are likely to default and pension funds are bankrupt.

It is only prudent to get our house in order and prepare for the coming events.

Why has it taken so long to get a study on the village operation ? What are some people trying to hide? Will village accounting methods, which are obfuscatory at best, be shown to be honest and conforming to generally accepted accounting practice (GAAP)? We must move forward with the study and get the truth out in the open so we can deal with it.The time for denial has long passed.

Don Emch