Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the Editor
Vote for bond, new school leaders

January 12, 2011

Dear editor,

As you know, the Lake Orion Community Schools' bond election will be held February 22. After wrestling with how I should vote on this bond, I have decided to vote "yes" and would like to share with you how I came to that conclusion.

In my efforts to sort out the issues I was having with the bond proposal, I discovered that my "problems" with the bond were not really with the bond at all. They were with the direction the leaders of LOCS were taking us, as well as many of their actions that impact the budget.

I was reminded this week that I can effectively address my issues with the leadership of the district in May when we have the opportunity to vote in five new members of the LOCS Board of Education.

As an active member of this community I have participated in many meetings and spoken with numerous people regarding the sense of change on the proverbial horizon and I am now convinced that our students and future students deserve the improvements the passing of this bond will provide for them.

Our students deserve safe buses, safe buildings, roofs that don't leak and most of all, technology that will facilitate their academic success which will only benefit our school district and the Lake Orion community.

As such, in this difficult economic climate when no one really wants to pay more taxes, I feel that the investment in our students/school district equates to an investment for our community.

Therefore, I encourage you not only to vote on February 22, but to vote "yes" for our students thereby voting “yes” for our community!


Karen Appledorn