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Letter to the Editor
Reader: Need answers before bond vote

January 12, 2011

Dear editor,

This is an open letter to the school board.

I don't think anyone is against our schools having much needed facility improvements. However, the upcoming bond proposal brings to mind lost opportunities for savings by past spending decisions. Therefore, before I support a bond issue, please address the following concerns.

Last June, there was an opportunity to eliminate non-state mandated all-day kindergarten. Against your board's own budget committee recommendations, you chose to pass this expensive $1 million annual program.


When you had the opportunity to eliminate $38K for special elections, and we are having two in 2011, why didn't you take it?

What grant money was pursued first before asking for bond money? Over a year ago, hiring a grant writer was suggested by the residents in both the budget suggestions and Strategic Planning.

Why didn't the administration take the offer to consolidate services with Orion Township and save costs on facility maintenance?

$1 million for central office personnel, when employees retired at central office last spring, why was everyone replaced? Please don't say you eliminated one position - that position now has a contracted person.

I resent the fact that when you present this bond proposal, is it ONLY $160 per $100,000 assessed value. My tax bill will go up $441 for this bond proposal.

And, thanks to Robert Leggett for his editorial in the Orion Review (Oct. 15, 2010), for pointing out that this is a 23% increase in school debt.

There are many more examples of this that make me question the spending and business acumen of the leadership.

I do believe that good schools are reflected in our property values and our students' achievement. However, how can I support any bond proposal without fiscal responsibility?


Denise Mitchell