Source: Sherman Publications

Hobbies, Henry Ford and unions

January 12, 2011

Dear Editor:

Just a few words.

It’s real fun reading about Brandon and Goodrich. Many of these people need a hobby. A small amount of people take these low-paying jobs and try to help their towns and probably please most. However, it will never happen that they will please all.

A word about (Henry) Ford (In response to: ‘Henry Ford, the Nazi Party and evil—traitor to the US,’ The Citizen, Jan. 8, page 19):

He was very powerful and almost all people can not handle that well.

One small thing was missed in the paper. During that big strike, some died and many were hurt. You did not say how it stopped. Henry’s wife said, ‘It will stop now or I leave.’

Simple as that. The union was in and the start of the middle class. How sweet it was—now not so much.

Charles A. Rockwell