Source: Sherman Publications

District’s enrollment drops by 36 students

by Andrew Moser

February 23, 2011

The trickle down effect of the economy might be finally catching up with Oxford Community Schools as the district reported a decrease of 36 students after the Wednesday, Feb. 9 count day.

Based on the numbers from the February 2011 count, OCS has a total of 4,702.24 students, including 405 school of choice students.

The total number of students is down from the September 2010 count day, where OCS had 4,738.63.

Deputy Superintendent Nancy Latowski explained that it wasn’t unusual for the count to be down due to people moving in and out of the district throughout the school year.

“This is basically a snapshot,” she said.

Even though the district lost 36 students from the September 2010 count, they were still up 65.34 students from the February 2010 count of 4,636.9.

Latowski said the count included every student that was currently enrolled on the count day.

However, she noted the numbers were preliminary, so the district could count students who were absent on count day.

“I think that it will take another week or two to really get the final number, but I think that this is pretty close,” she said.

The count number will be audited after the district finalizes it.