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Letter to the editor
Parent doesn't like board's example

March 02, 2011

Dear Editor,

Let me see if I understand this correctly. Three candidates were finalists for the interim Independence Township clerk – Ms. Joan McCrary, Ms. Barbra Pallotta and Ms. Joan Patterson.

With the Township Board deadlocked, Treasurer Curt Carson and McCrary approached Patterson and offered her the position of deputy clerk, a position that was already occupied by Ms. Paula Heenan.

After Patterson took the high ground both legally and ethically by informing the board, her reward was to lose the clerk position to Pallotta, while McCrary and Carson have faced no penalty as a result of their action.

It remains to be seen whether action is taken with regard to Carson or McCrary but if it is not, can someone help me think of a way to explain this to our young people, especially those who may be considering a public service career? How will this influence their perceptions? And when they become our future leaders, how will this guide their decisions? Perhaps the board doesn’t care; but as parents, we should.

Lawrence Matta

Independence Township