Source: Sherman Publications

Goodrich gone ‘bonkers?’

March 02, 2011

Dear Editor,

Enough already about the seemingly unending political antics in Goodrich.

Have the residents of Goodrich gone “bonkers”? Is there something in the water?

Or is it just a few gadflies who have nothing better to do and must find some meaning in their lives by continuously battling with their neighbors and fellow-villagers, and wasting the village’s meager resources on attorneys fees?

It seems like almost every issue of The Citizen gives front-page coverage to some controversy or other in Goodrich and/or its village government. Perhaps, if your newspaper paid less attention to these combative folks and put them on the last page of the paper instead of the front page, their ardor for conflict and battle would cool and the readers of The Citizen might have an opportunity to read about something more interesting and worthwhile. Please consider!

Michael J. Berezowsky