Source: Sherman Publications

Sidge skillful at grant writing for village

March 02, 2011

Dear Editor,

On Feb 4, the divided Village of Goodrich Council asked Jakki Sidge (the village administrator) to resign. On Feb. 11, Sidge hesitantly resigned. This is not final yet, because the village council and Sidge have yet to agree on the terms of her resignation. This was a sad day for village residents.

Council President Patricia Wartella, along with Councilmembers Phil Jackson and Doug McAbee, have an agenda and your village services are very much at risk. Sidge has worked for the village for 20 years. She has always represented the village honorably and has always looked out for our best interests.

One of Sidge’s jobs as village administrator is to apply for grant money for road repair, sidewalks, bridges, etc. to offset money that would otherwise come out of our taxes to improve and repair our village infrastructure. Obtaining grants is a skillful and difficult job. Knowing how to write up the applications and obtain the grants is not a minuscule task. Jakki is our village representative for several Genesee County committees. It is her participation and association with these committees that has helped the Village of Goodrich obtain many of our past grants. In the 15 years in her position as village administrator, Sidge has brought in more than $3.5 million to this community. (check out for a complete list).

Attend village meetings so that you can educate yourself and better understand the severity of the issues at hand.

Keith Walworth