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OHS participates in Goodwill campaign to help unemployed

by CJ Carnacchio

March 09, 2011

When it comes to leadership, Oxford High School’s always been synonymous with the concept in the classroom, on the field and throughout the community.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that OHS is among the first 19 schools in southeast Michigan to embrace a new fund-raising campaign designed to help combat local unemployment.

“It’s such a good cause and it’s so worthy,” said Oxford Athletic Director Mike Watson.

The campaign’s called the Goodwill Pass it Forward “Dollars for Jobs” High School Challenge and the way it works is quite simple.

Running now through April 22, the campaign will supply each of the participating schools with envelopes to be distributed by students.

Each envelop will be filled with dollar bills and passed from person to person until reaching 25 people. For as little as $1, students, parents, teachers and friends can contribute.

“We’re going to give (them) to the Captains Club and they’re going to distribute them amongst the teams,” Watson said. “Hopefully, our teams can begin to fund-raise in this lull between winter sports and spring sports.”

The Captains Club’s membership is comprised of all the OHS captains from the fall, winter and spring sports teams.

“We’ll start it with the Captains Club, but the next logical progression would be the National Honors Society, if they want to get involved, or student council,” Watson said. “The more people that we have raising money the better.”

Once an envelope contains $25 or more, a student will return it to the athletic director’s office.

Goodwill Industries will then collect these envelopes and use the funds to expand a whole range of employment education and training programs. Goodwill will also use the money to support the creation of new job opportunities throughout Metro Detroit.

The $25 minimum in each envelope represents the approximate cost for Goodwill Industries to provide one day of job preparedness training and other support to an unemployed person.

The three high schools that raise the most “Dollars for Jobs” money per student enrolled will win a 30-minute STATE CHAMPS! broadcast showcasing the school’s athletic program and its involvement in the community.

“I think that should be a good motivating factor for the kids,” Watson said. “And it’s a good cause. I feel like we should try to do this, and not just for an episode of STATE CHAMPS!, but to give back to the community.”

STATE CHAMPS! is an Emmy award-winning high school sports television program that airs across southeast Michigan 40 weeks a year, Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. on TV20 Detroit.

The show’s mission is to recognize and highlight the athletic accomplishments and academic achievements of local youth. For more information, visit