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Lady Dragons nearly turn loss into upset
‘Regardless of the outcome, they played like champions’

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

March 09, 2011

By Gabriel Ouzounian

Review staff writer

The year is over for the Lake Orion Girls’ Varsity Basketball team.

Yet while their defeat at the hands of the favored Stoney Creek Cougars during the MHSAA Girls’ Basketball Regionals - hosted this year in Lake Orion on Wednesday, March 2 - was disappointing for Lake Orion fans, they gave their opponents a true scare for the majority of the game.

The game began with both teams making strong plays, going back and forth, yet neither team could find the basket.

Stoney Creek broke the trend and managed to sink a two-pointer two minutes into the first quarter, following the basket with two more points bringing the score to 0-6 with 4:50 left on the clock.

Lake Orion did not wait much longer to show their teeth, and tied the game in less than a minute. From that point, both teams took their turns in the lead.

Lake Orion scored at the 3:00 mark, the Cougars scored twice by 2:10, and Lake Orion once again tied the score at 1:56.

With less than a minute left Stoney Creek sunk a shot to bring the score to 10-12, but some swift accuracy from the green and white saw through a three pointer at :38 and a two pointer with less than a second in the first.

The score was 15-12 going into the second.

Stoney Creek responded quickly to the last second scoring from the Dragons, getting a two pointer soon after the second quarter began.

A response came 30 seconds later when Lake Orion’s Maddie Hutchison drove strong to the hoop, yet failed to sink the shot. Yet despite being hounded from all sides by Cougar guards, she would not give up the ball, shooting until she got a two point shot, and a free throw on top of it.

By the middle of the quarter the Dragons were up 20-16. But three free throws, spontaneous agility and an explosive offense on Stoney Creeks part saw them score an additional 11 points while holding the Dragons to only four.

The quarter ended with Stoney Creek holding possession to run the clock down - the score was 24-27.

Yet a pattern of early Dragon leads was beginning to appear, and the lady dragons tied the game again less than a 1:30 into the third.

By the 3:00 mark, the Dragons had scored nine points, only allowing two to their opponents. A late series of free throws allowed the Cougars to play catch up, bringing the score to 35-31, but the Dragons would not give up their lead. The quarter finished 37-36.

The fourth quarter, however, would be the lady hooper’s downfall.

Just over a minute in, the Cougars had brought the score to 38-41. The Lady Dragons put up a good fight and managed to score nine points by the quarters end, but the Cougars appeared more energized than they had all game, netting nineteen points to take the MHSAA District 30 tournament title.

The final score was 46-55

Head Coach Steven Roberts was not disappointed with his team’s performance though, and said that no matter the outcome, the girls’ had played their best game.

“We had a lot of newcomers this year, with only four kids coming back,” said Roberts. “You never know how the new guys are going to play, but they really stepped up and filled the goal.

“No matter the outcome, they played like champions.”

Junior Marissa Secontine led Lake Orion in scoring with 15 points, while Junior Dana Schrauben followed close behind with 13 points

The Dragons ended the season 9-13.