Source: Sherman Publications

Goodrich Village Council support

March 09, 2011

Dear Editor,

I support the new Goodrich Village Council with downsizing to adapt to the failing economy and lower revenue so the debts incurred can be paid. People have lost their jobs and homes and new homes are not being builtó we have to economize, the money isnít there anymore.

I have heard and seen the disrespect the council receives from the audience. Are all the spectators village citizens or are they just there to disrupt the meeting? Newly elected councils often bring in their staff. Itís not unusual to have meetings outside the public meeting and have issues be officially voted on at the monthly meeting. I have seen this procedure in the past by the previous council.

The 30 percent tax cut that has been referred to was the old councilís reelection promise.

How can Pete Morey, a council member who works with the DPW, vote on DPW issues? Isnít that a Ďconflict of interestí? It doesnít matter whether he gets paid or not.

I will not support a tax increase, but I will support the necessary downsizing of the village.

Elizabeth Francis