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Parade up for grabs

March 16, 2011

After decades of hosting the Fourth of July Parade, Independence Township Fire Chief Steve Ronk said the fire department wants out of the parade business.

“Some of it is what we’ve evolved into, this is more of a business then it’s been in the last 40 years,” Ronk said. “Some of it’s just the risk of having an incident go down. We’re just not strong enough to handle what we need to do and I don’t want to have to explain to somebody why somebody died because we were running a parade. I don’t think they’re going to appreciate that one.”

A meeting for any organization or group interested in taking over Fourth of July Parade responsibilities is set for Sunday, March 20, at 7 p.m. at Fire Station 1 meeting hall, 6500 Citation Drive.

“It’s just a juggling act I don’t want to do anymore,” Ronk said. “Somebody’s got to take this thing.”