Source: Sherman Publications

Washington man travels to Orion for new Chevy Volt

March 16, 2011

Chevrolet Volts are slowly being leaked out for sale at dealerships, and one Washington state man couldn’t wait to get his hands on one.

Warren Klink, of Beaux Arts Village near Seattle, Wash. booked a flight to Michigan soon after he discovered he was fortunate enough to make it to the top of the Volt waiting list.

“He got lucky,” said Tom Strace, Sales Consultant for Wally Edger Chevrolet. “The man who ordered the car cancelled, and even then there were three or four people ahead of him on the list.

“He called us within 30 seconds of learning he had made it to the top of the list.”

While waiting to fill out paperwork, Klink got a chance to play with his new toy, while Strace walked him through some of the uniqueness of the Volt.

Turning the car requires pushing a button, and only requires the keys to be in the car - no insertion or ignition is needed unless attempting to activate the combustion engine. The car makes an electronic “powering up” noise to notify the driver it is running, and with how quiet the car is, it’s a necessity.

The only noise that can be heard from the Volt is a very light humming. There is no ignition sound, and one might easily mistake the car for being in neutral when it begins to roll.

Klink said the purchase of the car was something that was important to him, and that he feels the electric car market is an important step toward staying eco-friendly.

“I’m an early adopter, and with the instability of gas prices this car just felt right,” said Klink, who also downloaded the cars manual onto his iPhone. “I’ve been following the car’s development for four years, and I think I’ll be the first one near Seattle to own one.”

Klink will be driving back to his hometown, making stops at dealerships on the way to reenergize and show off the auto. Strace said the idea for displaying the car was Klink’s idea, and that he had planned the trip with the dealerships well before he even paid his down payment.

“He’s one of those kind of guys who is very caring, and he wants other people to see the car, smell the car, and feel the car,” said Strace. “He’s going to go to these dealerships to get the car cleaned and charge the battery while he’s there, and the dealership will put the Volt in the display room for people to see.

“The car is in very limited production right now, so a lot of these dealerships are still wondering about this car, so I think it’s great he’s giving them a chance to see it.”