Source: Sherman Publications

Parade needs new planners

March 23, 2011

Independence Township and Clarkston officials, along with representatives from Clarkston Lions and Optimist clubs attended the Fourth of July Parade informational meeting hosted by Fire Chief Steve Ronk and the Independence Township Fire Department.

If a committee or a civic organization does not step forward by May 1, there will be no parade, said Ronk.

“There has to be a to least a month to get that group up to speed to what’s going on,” he said.

Ronk told township officials earlier in the year, after 75 years, the fire department wanted out of the parade business.

The parade costs the department about $8,000-$10,000 extra due to personnel expenses.

The informational meeting gave an overview as to how the department organized the parade from beginning to end structurally, and advice on what worked well in the past.

“We’re more than willing to sit down and have meetings and show people this thing cold turkey and help them out,” Ronk said. “I just want somebody to say ‘hey we’re in and we’ll take this.’”