Source: Sherman Publications

Raptors invade Lakeville!

March 23, 2011

Winged-predators with sharp talons visited Lakeville Elementary March 18.

But don’t worry, they were only there to teach the students, not eat them.

Kathy Frantz, an environmental presenter from the Howell Nature Center, talked to students about birds of prey, otherwise known as raptors.

To liven up her program, Frantz brought some friends with her – a red-tailed hawk, great horned owl, peregrine falcon, turkey vulture and the main attraction, a bald eagle.

“We talked about their adaptations for hunting, what they eat, where they live, how environmental problems affect them and why they’re at the nature center,” Frantz said.

All of the birds Frantz brought with her can’t be released into the wild because they are either permanently injured or they have strongly imprinted on humans. – CJC