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Letter to the editor
Money is not the ‘Fix-All’ answer for education

March 23, 2011

I have voted ‘yes’ for all previous Lake Orion school bonds, including the new high school 14 years ago, but this past February 22, I voted ‘no’ for the following reasons:

1. I am all for keeping our kids competitive but I don’t believe money is the problem, or that throwing more money at it will solve this problem, and a Jan. 23, 2011 Oakland Press article “Inflated MEAP scores full of hot air” highlighted this fact!

2. A recent education study; the Program for International Assessment (PISA), many other Country’s Schools beat our U.S. schools which came in on average 25th, and 30th in reading, and math.

3. I believe all school elections should be held in November (general election) to save money, and keep it in the class room where it belongs.

4. I believe school buses, technology, computers, networking equipment, and security issues should be budgeted for on an annual basis, not special election funding.

5. I asked Lake Orion Schools Superintendent Ginopolis (at the February Orion Chamber of Commerce meeting) why Comcast was not approached for the wireless network needs at the High School as Comcast is making millions in our community, and many companies like Microsoft, and Apple corp. donate computers, and equipment to schools to begin the process of grooming life-time profits/customers? To Ms Ginopolis’ credit she said that was an “excellent idea!”

Bottom-line: More is needed from the student, teacher, and parent working as a team to make our kids successful. Money is NOT the “FIX-ALL” answer!

Daniel Myslakowski