Source: Sherman Publications

Lake Orion gets second wind, still falls to Andover

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

March 30, 2011

The Lake Orion High School Boyís Varsity Lacrosse team began its normal season a little late with a rescheduled game on Sunday, March 27.

The season is not off to a great start, seeing the Dragons defeated, 14-7, by Bloomfield Hills United (Andover), but final two quarters proved better for Lake Orion.

The game started with both teams playing good defense, yet Lake Orion still managed to keep the ball in Andoverís zone for the majority of the quarter. Andover proved the more accurate team, putting two goals away before even half the quarter was up. Lake Orion became even more aggressive, and made a number of hard, promising pushes, but were foiled at every turn by Andoverís defense and superb goaltending. The slow-and-steady opponents calmly delivered another two goals, and were aiming for a third when the buzzer sounded, ending the quarter with Lake Orion down, 4-0.

Andover began the second methodically guiding the ball to the Lake Orion net, and sunk another in the first three minutes of the second quarter. Lake Orion appeared to have had enough, and drove strong into the Andover goal to score their first goal with 7:30 left in the quarter. Lake Orion again held the offense in the Andover zone for lengthy periods, but their opponents goal tender deflected shot after shot making the strong holding power fruitless.

The third began again with Andover driving to the LO net, keeping it in Dragon territory for two minutes to finish with yet another goal to bring the score to 9-1. Seemingly kicking the Dragons while they were down, they put another away with only 6:32 left in the game. At this point, it seemed the Dragons had had enough. Explosive play after explosive play saw the Dragons sink two goals in less than two minutes, and while the Andover offense remained profitable, they seemed to have found their mark.

The fourth quarter began, the score 12-3, and from the events of the period, it appears Lake Orionís Boysí Lacrosse team is a late-game-hero type. 15 seconds into the quarter Lake Orion scored itís fourth goal, with another coming two minutes later. The Dragons would not let up and scored again with 7:43 left in the quarter, after a stressful minute of Andover control. However, Andover seemed to respond in kind, and managed to score another two before the gameís end, to finish the game 7-14.

The lacrosse team played again on Tuesday, and today (Wednesday). They play again on April 12.