Source: Sherman Publications

Don’t blame Jones for twp. problems

March 30, 2011

Dear Editor,

On March 28 Paul Amman was appointed to trustee on the township board by a vote of 3 to 1.

Good for Paul, bad for you, the residents and taxpayers of Atlas Township.

Paul served on the board for several years as trustee and two terms as supervisor. The current supervisor, Shirley Kautman-Jones, beat Amman in the last election for his position. Amman was the “boss” of the current board with the exception of Jones. By the way the no vote was, you guessed it, Shirley Kautman-Jones.

If you think that this is OK, think again.

Our current supervisor is a lame duck. As you know, a lame duck may be able to walk, but can’t fly. Jones is 100 percent committed to our township, and very capable of her leadership position, and knows our township well. She is personable and honest (one of the main reasons she won in her campaign for supervisor). She wants to do good for our township, but with this current board does not stand a chance especially now with Amman on the board. Now I feel the taxpayers are the ones also losing.

Amman was voted out for a reason, now the three put him back on the board, going against what the majority of voters wanted. Does Amman intimidate our board members so bad that they went against the advice and better judgement of their current “boss”? And they went against us, the voters. If you have a problem with the township, don’t blame the supervisor, she only has one vote. With the board against her, they shoot down everything she tries to get done.

I urge the township to go back to the meetings, and show support for our supervisor, and show the board that we are backing our supervisor.

Becky Cummings