Source: Sherman Publications

School board election notes

April 06, 2011

This May 3 can represent a dramatic shift in the tone and tenor of the Lake Orion Community Schools Board. Five of the seven seats are up for grabs. There are 13 candidates running for these five seats.

We are not going to make an argument for any candidate over the another. We are encouraged by the sheer numbers of locals caring enough to get involved with the process. It is something long overdue. For too long single-digit voter turnout for school elections have showcased the lackluster community involvement with the district’s operations. Sure folks turnout for sporting events and other occasions to show support for students, but there has been too little oversight of the governing body.

Today’s economic climate has changed all that, and that is a good thing. We gladly applaud all who have thrown their names into the hat and are running for office – to the eight who will not make it, we hope you are not discouraged. Stay involved!

Another note in regards to the election . . . we will stop publishing letters to the editor two weeks prior to the election. This has long been The Review’s policy on elections. If you want to get your opinion out, get it to us by Friday, April 15. Also, as there are other items of newsworthiness, we have a limited amount of space to commit to letter publication. Keep your points of view crisp and too the point. We encourage folks to say why they like a certain candidate, versus saying the other guy is a bum. That said, we reserve the right to limit the number of letters on any one topic, or from any one individual. We shall endeavor to run all letters that are most representative of the lot. Of the letters we do not publish in print, we shall post them on our website,

Lastly, we want everybody to mark Tuesday, May 3 on your calendar. Get out and vote!