Source: Sherman Publications

Cold weather stunts Lady Dragons' game

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

April 06, 2011

The Lady Dragon soccer team fell twice to their opponents during the introductory games of 2011’s Spring season.

The first game, against North Farmington on March 29, saw both teams putting forth a solid effort, despite the chilly weather.

Both teams took to the field in garb usually reserved for much warmer days. Battling back and forth, Lake Orion managed to earn, overall, more opportunities to score. Yet despite the Lady Dragon’s committed offense, North Farmington’s defense held strong, managing to put as much pressure on Lake Orion as they received.

The first half passed with uneventfully, but as the temperature cooled, the players warmed up, with plays becoming swifter, and more coordinated in the second half. Finally, North Farmington drove hard against the Lake Orion defense, sinking a shot to score first blood against their green and white opponents. It would be the last time North Farmington scored, but despite a strong end-game showing from Lake Orion, the clock slowly ticked down to zero, solidifying the Girls’ Soccer Team’s first lose of the season.

Head Coach Ken Snage attributed the loss mainly to the cool weather, and a lack of preparatory games, also absent due to chilly temperatures.

“Our league is pretty balanced, and Lake Orion and North Farmington are very comparable, so it was a pretty even battle,” said Snage. “We had better possession in the game, more opportunities, but North Farmington had one very good opportunity and they made good on it.

“Our players bodies have to work harder in the cold air, and sometimes it just makes you lack something your body needs to play, and that’s why we may have not been at our best.”

The Lady Dragons played Adams High School, falling 4-0 on March 31.

Snage said the score was misleading when discussing the quality of play put forth by the Dragons.

“Adams is a very good team, and they got a couple of breaks on us in the first half, but that’s just how the league goes,” said Snage. “In the second half we pushed back hard, but sometimes when you drive hard, your opponent can time a counter, and unfortunately they put in another two.

“The real deal here is that we have an inexperienced team, the weather really didn’t help us, and with games being cancelled and tournaments not happening, we missed out on a lot of experience. In the two games we’ve played this season we’ve improved immensely.”

Snage added that while his whole team really put forth their best effort, three players in particular stood out during the two games.

Senior Megan Maloy has been a complete player, with some “stellar” plays in both games. Haley Barnes, the goal keeper for the Lady Dragons, has kept up “fabulously, especially against Adams.” Lastly, Katy Wagner was “just tough as could be,” stretching the Adams defense overtime she touched the ball.

The Lady Dragons of Soccer will play again on April 12.