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Casting vote for Porter

April 06, 2011

Dear Editor,

As we continue to personally face tough economic times, we all know our schools are facing them too. As our May 3 Lake Orion School Board election approaches, I will exercise my right to vote for my candidates of choice. With this, I am voting for Deborah Porter.

I have known her for many years and know that her professional experience lends to expertise with technology; a subject in need of attention at all of our schools. She works for General Motors in the Information Technology Group and has been working all over the world planning and implementing technology into the manufacturing facilities.

I also know that she has been responsible for budgets as high as $ 20 million and has maintained control of the money - another characteristic required of a school board member. Some of her accomplishments include $ 23 million in savings related to computer hardware and software. She also saved $10 million implementing a system used with scrapped materials in the manufacturing plants.

Today, she governs a $500 million technology portfolio. The technology portfolio includes technology projects for the General Motors business units around the world. Deborah has the ability to plan and re-plan when necessary, and she does this as part of her job. In talking with Deborah, I have seen her listen to an argument and make a decision while treating people fairly.

Deborah proposes to run the Lake Orion Community Schools like a business. As a community, we should elect candidates with budget management experience, technology expertise, and personal integrity. Follow my lead and vote for Deborah Porter on May 3.

Eric S. Wilson

Dear Community Members:

NOW is the time to put the past behind us and start with a clean slate. Decisions in the past need to remain there and whether someone voted for or against the bond doesn ft matter. What does matter is the future of our children. We, gas a community h, need to set aside our differences and personal preferences and deal with the issues at hand.

We have a new superintendent who has committed herself to help us move forward. She has proven to be genuinely committed to finding the best possible solution for everyone in this time of economic downturn. Now, we as a community need to be committed to being involved in what the future holds for our children. One way in doing so is to learn who the candidates are that are running for the Board positions in May.

I have had the pleasure of meeting both Melissa Miller and Birgit McQuiston at a gMeet and Greet h and in a personal meeting. Over the last ten years, I have witnessed their involvement in the community, both at the school level and at the Board of Education meetings and committees. I have heard them address the board of education on several occasions regarding many different topics. Each time they have presented themselves professionally, presenting research on the topic at hand and have offered legitimate alternative solutions. However, what impressed me the most was the personal meeting that I had with them. They wanted to meet with me to find out about the Special Education area of education from a parents f point of view. They asked very detailed questions and questioned why certain things were done. They are the first two candidates that have ever shown an interest in needs and concerns of Special Education.

Therefore, I truly believe that if you are looking for candidates that can demonstrate integrity, genuine concern for all students, teachers and administrators and financial and academic accountability on the part of the entire community cthese two have what it takes. I fully intend on voting for M&M cMELISSA MILLER AND BIRGIT MCQUISTON on May 3rd!!! Hope you will too!

Tracy Gora