Source: Sherman Publications

Friendship of a good neighbor

April 06, 2011

Dear Editor,

Its been a long winter, even by Michigan standards, and while I am looking forward to spring, I also look back with gratitude.

This winter would have been much harder for me without the help and friendship of a good neighbor.

Don Amman is my neighbor, son of former Atlas Township Supervisor Paul Amman.. Many times during this hard winter, Don has been a blessing for me, my animals and our neighborhood.

Every time weve had snow this winter, Don has used his tractor to clear our neighborhood all the way to the main road. So many people have benefited from his kindness and will never know it was him. He never seeks recognition.

If he passes my driveway and sees it hasnt been plowed, I soon hear his tractor on the way. The last big fall of snow - by big I mean about a foot - Don was soon in my driveway. Not only did he clear my driveway, he then started to clear all the snow between my house and my barn (normally I just clear a small path). When his fuel got low, I thanked him for his kindness and he left.

Shortly afterward, he was back. Much to my surprise he returned to completely clear everything he could. He then jumped off his tractor and shoveled out my car too. It was painfully cold and windy. He had been on his tractor helping people for hours and must have been frozen, but insisted on finishing what he had started.

When I asked him why, he simply said this is what neighbors do.

Paul should be proud of his son Don. He is a credit to the family and continues a fine tradition of service to others.

My heartfelt thanks to Don for all his help this winter.

Christine Carlson