Source: Sherman Publications

Goodrich: Where is research, facts?

April 06, 2011

Dear Editor,

(In response to: I say, let’s get rid of all newspapers, The Citizen, (opinion) March 6, page 7):

I can’t resist replying to your recent column, specifically the line, “I reckon I believe news comes from a trained reporter, not just information, observed and posted.” If only that were true in Goodrich! A few of us neighbors were talking about this just the other day. We wondered why the newspapers were not out there researching and printing the facts in the case of the current Goodrich Village turmoil. The only information that seems to get printed about this mess comes from the opinion column, or from reporters reporting what the new council members are saying, as if they were facts. Where is our investigative reporting? As you said, are you just ‘observing and posting’ ? It would indeed be newspaperly-like (a new word for you) if you were to look up some of the quoted “facts” coming from the council members to see if they are indeed facts. Very easy to do... but unless a neutral party does some fact finding... folks will continue to be confused about what is true, and what is not. That’s what a newspaper is for, isn’t it???

Angie Adamec