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Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio
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by Phil Custodio

April 13, 2011

I wanted a quick picture to go with the story on 90 N. Main Street, so I stopped by to get one.

The place’s sole tenant, Dave Savage, was doing a photo shoot. The building owner let me in to see the insides, and all the restoration work that has gone on in there. Impressive stuff.

I remember heading over there while it was Independence Township Hall, full of counters, desks, cubicle dividers, and paperwork.

Looking at it now, I can see the Community Center of decades past.

Over the top floor is what must be a stage, suspended over the staircase leading up to it, so the sound of the band could fill the huge open space where folks would sit or dance, I suppose.

Who’d design something like that nowadays?

It would be great if it were so used again. The acoustics, seating, amenities, and just about everything else wouldn’t be as good as a brand new concert hall, as proposed to be built down in Depot Park, but it would have one heck of a nostalgia value.

Isn’t that what Clarkston’s supposed to be about?


Lots of fun activities planned this spring and summer. Clartucky race, with a leaderboard and everything? Awesome.

Adventure racing sounds fun too. No GPS allowed? Hope racers are up to it, or else we’ll be hearing the Oakland County sheriff’s helicopters as they search for folks who get lost.


I’ve joined the world of satellite radio, with XM service in my new car.

My subscription doesn’t include it, but listed amongst the hundreds of channels is the Playboy Channel.

On the radio.

Playboy magazine? That’s a great idea, all visual and stuff.

Playboy TV makes sense too – adding motion to the visuals, and sound too.

Playboy on the radio? Wait, what? No visuals, just sound.

I’m sure they talk about lots of “adult” topics and probably go into Howard Stern territory, but the image I get is somebody reading the articles, describing the pictures, etc.