Source: Sherman Publications

Student musicians make state

April 13, 2011

Several Clarkston High School students qualified to compete in state level competition in District 4 Solo and Ensemble, March 26, including:

Kristina Ballough, piano solo; Victoria Caine, flute solo; Matt Dahl, piano solo; Conor Daly-Seiler, bass clarinet solo; Michael Gieske, bassoon solo; Molly Graham, horn solo; Kelsea Horne, flute solo; Nathan Huhta, bassoon solo; Jessica Johnson, sax solo; Nathan Ross, piano solo; Caelan Stewart, horn solo; Kevin Thompson, tuba solo; Michelle Whitmore, piccolo solo; Michelle Whitmore, flute solo; Nicole Whitmore, clarinet solo; Frank Chiodo, trumpet solo; Kelsey Lowes, baritone solo; Courtney Bell, trombone solo; Samantha Hickey, cello solo; Lauren Rodewald, bass solo; Kelli Moore, viola solo;

Katie Gipe and Jenna Damico, flute duet; Michael Gieske and Nathan Huhta, bassoon duet; Maia Girard and Amanda Chamberlain, flute duet; Taylor Tomei and Nicole Whitmore, clarinet duet; Michelle Rozwadowski and Spencer Miller, sax duet; Matt Zurek and Connor Mann, clarinet duet; Kelli Moore and Avery Mitevski, viola duet;

Brian Roy, Abbey Kojima, and Alex Caine, percussion trio; Geena Kerr, Kelsea Horne, and Kaitlin Braunschweig, flute trio; Kathryn Culver, Courtney Cox, and Breanna Burch, flute trio;

Emily Rice, Kevin Gu, Michael Hart, and Adam Vinstra, trumpet quartet; Jeff Fisk,Allyson Wilson, Jenna Herkness, and Samantha Hickey, string quartet; Travis Sandor, Sierra Baker, Avery Mitevski, Sophia McFadden-Keesling, and Lauren Rodewald, string quartet;

Jordan Holloway, Zach Snyder, Kaley Gross, Stephen Plont, and Eric Shahly, percussion quintet; Louise Have, Taylor Tomei, Melissa Chamberlain, Conor Daly-Seiler, and Kristina Ballough, clarinet quintet; Michael Gieske, Julie Gjebic, Nicole Whitmore, Michelle Whitmore, and Caelan Stewart, woodwind quintet; Whitney Balkany, Mallory Linehan, Kaity Bragan, Jeseaca Shier, and Kelli Moore, string quintet;

Jackie Gipe, Jenny Zawadzki, Brad Villeneuve, Courtney Villenueve, Alex Markarian, and Michelle Tharp, trombone sextet;

Michelle Whitmore, Catie Boskee, Julie Gjebic, Kaley Gross, Nicole Whitmore, Melissa Chamberlain, Alex Thierbach, Caelan Stewart, Michael Gieske, Nathan Huhta, and Kevin Thompson, woodwind chamber ensemble;

Victoria Caine, Maia Girard, Julie Cole, Stephanie Marani, Taylor Tomei, Louise Haven, Molly Egan, Molly Graham, Michael Gieske, Nathan Huhta, and Lauren Rodewald, woodwind chamber ensemble;

Nicole Whitmore, Melissa Chamberlain, Kristina Ballough, Andrea Vedrody, Lauryn Johnson, Jordan McGowen, Camille Carnahan, Louise Haven, Mary Allan, Sean McNeil, Aingeal Miller, Mary Grego, Conor Daly-Seiler, Michael Gieske, and Emily Hyde, clarinet choir.