Source: Sherman Publications

Oxford police log

April 13, 2011

Monday, April 11 - A caller on Chirco told police someone kept banging on the door of their residence.

*A caller traveling north on Lapeer Rd. reported to police that a white van, also headed north on Lapeer Rd., was traveling at a high rate of speed and driving all over the road.

*A spare tire was reported in the road at W. Burdick and West St.

*A woman requested to speak with an officer regarding incidents that have been occurring at her residence on Sunset Blvd.

*Police received a report of a black male walking towards Burdick St. carrying four garbage bags.

*Report of marijuana use on E. Burdick and Mill St.

*Police helped a stranded motorist on S. Lapeer Rd.

*A village officer assisted the Lake Orion Police Department by responding to the scene of an accident in Lake Orion while the LOPD responded to the scene of a death.

Sunday, April 10 - A suspicious circumstance was reported at an apartment on Drahner. Two males were seen trying to enter an apartment through a window. When deputies arrived, the apartment appeared to be unoccupied. After the manager unlocked the apartment, deputies entered and found a jar containing suspected marijuana on the floor in the bedroom and cash in a safe in the closet. When one of the subjects came home, he told police he had a medical marijuana card. The subject checked out okay after the card he produced was verified and deputies immediately left the scene.

*A loose pit bull was reported in the area of East St.

*Malicious destruction of property was reported Coats.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Oxford Lakes Dr. The reporting individual told police his neighbor was dumping something out of a gas can down the storm drain. The caller then reported two of his neighbors proceeded to get into a verbal altercation over what was being dumped into the storm drain.

*A pit bull was running loose in the area of Maple.

*Report of a grass fire on Ray Rd.

Saturday, April 9 - Report of a vehicle heading north from Lake Orion at a high rate of speed with no lights on.

*A caller reported seeing a fight behind an establishment in the SW Lot.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported in the NW Lot.

*Domestic assault was reported on Conda Lane. A caller reported taking a girl home from an establishment and upon arriving at her residence, the girl and her boyfriend got into an argument.

*A vehicle was reported to be driving along Lapeer Rd. with it’s door open.

*Animal complaint on Maple about a large pit bull.

*Report of seizures on Sunset Blvd.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Kolal after a needle was found inside a vehicle.

*Officers responded to the report of a domestic in progress on Keith.

*A caller on East St. reported a loose pit bull ran at her kids. The description of the dog matched the description of a reported missing dog. The owners of the pit bull were notified.

Friday, April 8 - A woman on Country View received a threatening card in the mail.

*A caller on Crawford St. stated hearing a fight between a male and female. The male and female were advised.

*A caller on Crawford St. reported a lot of commotion coming from the hallway outside of the residence. When asked what was happening by police, the caller could not give an accurate description because the caller was too scared to open the door and see what has happening.

*A mail box and patio brick was damaged on Bay Pointe Dr.

*A caller reported damage to his garage on Hovey.

*A caller on Crawford St. reported banging on her apartment walls. Both parties were advised and were going to go to sleep for the evening.

Thursday, April 7 - Marijuana use was reported on N. Washington and Center St.

*A single car accident was reported at Lapeer and Metamora.

*A caller on Crawford St. stated her roommate had too much to drink and asked for someone to come speak with her and calm her down.

*Skateboarders were reported in Centennial Park. When officers checked it out, the report went unfounded.

*A caller was concerned about a semi that was parked near an ATM on S. Washington. The caller thought the driver of the semi could see the transactions that were occurring. When officers investigated the situation, they found the drivers seat was unoccupied and the driver was possibly sleeping in the back. They also informed the caller there was no way the driver could see transactions from the angle the semi was parked.

*A possible breaking and entering was reported to be in progress on N. Baldwin.

Wednesday, April 6 - Oakland County Sheriff’s responded to a domestic disturbance between a mother and daughter on Worthington. The daughter got upset at her mother because she was asked to clean up the dishes and refused to do it. They got into a verbal argument that escalated into the mother threatening to kick her out of the house. The daughter called her out on it, so the mother proceeded to get a box and put some of her daughters clothes in it and begin to take it outside, which made the daughter even angrier. She proceeded to push the mother, causing her to drop the box. The mother called OCS, who determined the daughter deliberately pushed her mother. The daughter has arrested for domestic assault and taken to Oakland County Jail.

*Two newspapers were reported stolen from a box on S. Lapeer Rd.

*Report of an intoxicated subject in a store on W. Burdick. The subject was known by the employees, so nothing was needed as they took care of the situation.

*A suspicious person was reported on S. Washington after employees noticed a female wandering around a store.

*Report of a vehicle driving all over the road on Seymour Lake.

Tuesday, April 5 - Report of an open front door at an address on Lacrosse Trail. When Oakland County Deputies arrived at the residence, the front door was open, but the handle was locked. There were no signs of forced entry, so deputies concluded that the wind might have pushed the door open. After checking the residence, it was secured.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Lakes Edge Dr. after a driver left the door open to his vehicle and forgot about it. The situation was taken care of.