Source: Sherman Publications

Goodrich Village
cutting of noxious weeds

April 20, 2011


public notice

village of goodrich

cutting of noxious weeds

ordinance 141

village code of ordinances

to owners of land situated in the Village of Goodrich, Genesee county, state of Michigan:

Notice is hereby given that all noxious weeds and/or grass found growing to a height greater than eight (8") inches in height may be cut by the village and the owner of the property according to the village tax rolls will be charged with the costs including the actual cost of doing the work and an administrative fee as determined by resolution of the Goodrich village council.

The village will cut the weeds with a lawnmower or other appropriate device.

This notice authorizes the village to cut the weeds between may 1st and october 1st, 2011, as many times as is necessary and to charge all costs to the property owner.

The property owner of any land or premises will be determined by a search of the tax records in the village.

Patricia Schierup, Clerk

Village of Goodrich

7338 s. State Road

Goodrich, mi 48438

Publish in The Citizen 4-9-11, 4-16-11