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Letter to the editor
School board vote will be deciding factor for her vote

April 20, 2011

Dear Editor,

I am a 17 year resident of Lake Orion and a 1978 graduate. My three children Bobby (2008), Molly (2010), and Julie (Junior) all have attended Lake Orion Community Schools, Pinetree, Paint Creek, Waldon, Scripps and Lake Orion High School respectively. As a family we have supported many decisions the previous School Board has made. Many of these decisions have been controversial and difficult but I always thought the Board’s decisions were made because it was best for our children’s education.These decisions included building of new schools, redistricting and restructuring of my children’s education.

My point for this letter is to say Wednesday’s decision to not approve a contract which was negotiated in good faith was unprofessional, irresponsible, and detrimental to the future of my child’s education.

The role of the School Board was to appoint a representative to negotiate “your” side and to fairly develop a contract which both sides can come to agreement. This process fosters a cohesive working environment resulting in quality education for my child. The slap in the face by four members: Mrs. Webber-Phillips, Mrs. Wolverton, Mrs. Weaver and Mr. Drakos gave to the teachers of Lake Orion demonstrated the Board did not understand the collective bargaining process.

I have always thought our School Board was a supportive Board who valued their teachers. I bragged and boasted in other communities about the rapport the School Board and teachers demonstrated. Children always came first. Your vote to veto the agreed upon contract was selfish and showed absolutely no thought to the long term damage that will be felt in this district.

I guarantee I have always voted in every election. I have demonstrated to my children the importance and power of an election. My adult children all registered to vote on their 18th birthday and have requested absentee ballots for May 3 election. The behavior of this Board will be discussed prior to their decision.

I will not support any member of this current board who voted against a contract which was bargained in good faith by the Lake Orion teachers. Shame on all four members who misused their elected/appointed role.

I would like to thank Mrs. Burchart, Mr. Weidman and Mr. Gritzinger for supporting their administrator(s) appointed the difficult task of developing a contract which the Lake Orion teacher association ratified.

Meg Jacobs