Source: Sherman Publications

Bracken will get his vote

April 20, 2011

Dear Editor,

Lake Orion willelect new members to its school board in May. Traditionally, those people running for a position on the board are concerned parents with school age children where the dedication is temporary, or teachers with ulterior motives, in both categories motives tend to be highly subjective from a very personal point of view. 

What is needed on the board are people with more objective approaches to decision making. People whose motives are untethered to a part time concern or a way to manipulate an outcome for personal gain, that is why Mark Bracken is an excellent candidate for a position on the Lake Orion School Board.  Mark is a concerned citizen in the LO school district and dedicated to the betterment of the overall educational process and administrative needs of the district.  As a retiree from Chrysler Corporation with college degrees in Finance from the University of Michigan,  Mark brings a solid, analytical approach to budgets and spending, as well as a professional business attitude in problem solving. 

Mr. Bracken comes with firsthand experience in the educational system. Not only do his credentials include providing his two children with educations resulting in one being a lawyer and the other with a career in the pharmaceutical industry, but Mark is also teaches Finance courses at Oakland Community College. 

 Joseph G, Klimaski