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Letter to the editor
Sign of the times

April 20, 2011

Dear Editor.

Now you see it, now you don’t! I put up 40 campaign signs for School Board last week and came home from a business trip this weekend to find over half of them were down, completely missing! So having run for office before I went to the dumpster behind Orion Township Hall to find 14 of them, and no other candidatefs signs! GO FIGURE?

This May 3rd all of us residents in the Orion School District can make a difference! We must make a difference as our kids future depends on it! Let me give you a personal experience example, my son Daniel went to Wayne State University for 5 years had a very good GPA and a very good PCAT score and applied for Pharmacy school there. He was rejected twice even though Wayne State is one of the highest recipients of Michigan residentfs taxpayer dollars to help Michigan kids in the cost of education! I found out that over 50 percent of the accepted pharmacy students were foreign exchange and out-of ?state students and that over 50 percent of them leave the state upon graduation! Could this be an example of double-dipping for tax dollars? My nephew in South Carolina graduated from the University of South Carolina with a doctor of Pharmacy degree, and started right out of college at Wal-Mart at $60/hr.! I tell you this because many of our kids are not making the $60/hr. and instead of being the Pharmacist, they are the greeters at Wal-Mart making minimum wage, living at home for free with mom, and dad! So when you wonder why you canft sell your house it is because too many of our kids canft afford them making minimal wages!

We can, and must change this but sticking with the status quo wonft! Taking education dollars out of the classroom, and putting them into Administration expenses such as February, and May unnecessary elections is not optimizing our education dollars! $66 million a year, the Orion School District budget is more than enough to fund an excellent education if the school board manages these funds properly!

If you are happy with the current status quo then keep the same people that are currently on the Orion School Board, If not give Daniel Myslakowski one of your four May 3rd votes! I will work to provide our kids with a better education, while optimizing our 66 million Orion Education tax dollars!

PS there is justice, and happy endings in life as my son Daniel was accepted to Belmont University Pharmacy Doctorate program in Nashville TN! This Lake Orion young man just successfully completed his 2nd year, and was elected Pharmacy class Vice President, and Vice President of the Pharmacy Fraternity! Perhaps someday this story can be your son or daughter, and together perhaps we can make it so!

 Success can be replicated!

Daniel Myslakowski